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Biertan, we see you!

We are fast approaching the end of our tour. Here we are in Biertan – the penultimate destination of our tour. Even though we’re already used to the show, it seems like every performance makes us more and more nervous. Could it be because the audience’s enthusiasm is growing too? Who knows?
Biertan, one of the most picturesque and fascinating medieval towns in Romania. We were delighted to venture on this artistic journey in an environment so steeped in history and culture. We wanted to bring something unique to this place steeped in tradition and offer the audience of Biertan a special theatrical experience. Needless to say, we were impressed by the architectural beauty of the town and the quiet but charming atmosphere that enveloped us as we walked through the narrow streets of the town.
The show went off with great energy. The audience in Biertan responded enthusiastically, applauding and reacting to every moment of the show. We really felt connected to them and to the place where we performed.
After the performance, we had the opportunity to interact with the audience during a question and answer session. We were happy to hear that our show was enthusiastically received and that we managed to bring a little bit of magic into the lives of the people of Biertan.

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