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“The Legend of Hamelin, a possible history of the Saxons” in Sighisoara

5 November 2023. We are in Sighisoara with our show, “The Legend of Hamelin, a possible history of the Saxons”. We know that we are nearing the end of the tour and we seem to want to play this show more and more.

The medieval towers and narrow stone-paved streets of Sighisoara were the perfect setting for our show. We, at least, couldn’t get enough of them. Due to a terrible rain, the performance took place in one of the picturesque spaces of the town, which added a special aura to the whole performance. Steeped in history and atmosphere, the audience was captivated from the very first scenes.

Together we created a harmonious ensemble that conveyed the emotion and deep message of our show. The music and sound effects helped create a magical atmosphere and heightened the intensity of each scene, captivating the audience and deepening their involvement in the story.

With every applause and word of praise from the audience, I felt that our experience in Sighisoara was truly special and unique. The atmosphere of the town and the responsiveness of the audience made this performance truly memorable.

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