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The Saxons of Hoghilag

Hoghilag, or Heltau in German, is a village located in Sibiu county in Transylvania, Romania. It is one of the most important Saxon settlements in the region and still preserves a rich cultural and historical heritage.

The Saxons of Cristian

The Cristian Saxons are an ethnic German community living in a village near Brasov in the Transylvania region of Romania. They are descendants of Saxon settlers who came to the area around the 12th century to colonise the region at the request of the Hungarian king.

We remember Prod

Fresh back from Prod, we are happy to share our impressions with you! How could it have been anything but amazing? Of course, we are referring to our visit on 31 October 2023!

We remember Hoghilag

Hoghilag – the next place on the map of our trip. We played our show here on 30 October 2023: a very interesting experience with many practical aspects to consider. Hoghilag is a village with a rich cultural history, providing a unique backdrop for our show. The show took place…

Biertan, we see you!

We are fast approaching the end of our tour. Here we are in Biertan – the penultimate destination of our tour. Even though we’re already used to the show, it seems like every performance makes us more and more nervous. Could it be because the audience’s enthusiasm is growing too?…