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The Sacristy Door of the Fortified Church in Biertan

The sacristy door of the fortified church in Biertan, over 500 years old, is a true treasure of medieval engineering. Built in 1515, this door gained international attention due to its extremely complex lock.

In 1900, the door was showcased at the World’s Fair in Paris, where it was removed from its hinges and transported for exhibition. There, it received an award for its ingenious lock, consisting of a mechanism with 19 locking points. This achievement brought it international fame and set a record for “the most complicated lock in the world.”

Today, the sacristy door remains a symbol of the craftsmanship of the Transylvanian Saxons and attracts many tourists curious to see this masterpiece up close. The fortified church in Biertan continues to be a landmark for the history and culture of the region, and the sacristy door is a brilliant example of medieval engineering.

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