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The Stairs Tower in Sibiu

The Stairs Tower in Sibiu represents one of the oldest preserved monuments in the city, dating back to the 13th century, and being the only one among the three gates accessing the first fortification enclosure that has survived to this day. Its current form dates back to 1542 when a massive brick structure with a single floor was built. At the first level of the tower, there is a vaulted passage leading to the stairs connecting the Upper and Lower Towns, towards Turnului Street, and a lateral arched passage towards the Corner of Atonement under the curved wall that delimits the garden of the parochial house.

Over time, the Stairs Tower underwent modifications. In 1844, the high roof with shingles was demolished and replaced with a new roof by the carpenter Schüller. Other sources indicate a different transformation of the roof in 1863. However, in 2007, the tower was restored to its original form, with the contribution of the Traveling Calves, who have since established their summer residence on the upper floor of this historical building. Today, the Stairs Tower remains a symbol of the history and tradition of Sibiu, reminding us of its rich past and the evolution of local architecture.

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