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We’ve arrived in Șona!

As the title suggests, today, 18 October 2023, we are in Șona! A great joy and honour for all of us.
Performing in the community of Șona was a unique and profound experience. Surrounded by the hills of Transylvania, Șona is a place where traditions blend harmoniously with the present, creating an ideal setting for a theatre performance that speaks of our ancestral ties.
The stage has been set in the open air, among the vineyards for which the place is famous. The audience, made up of locals and tourists alike, quickly filled the audience space, eagerly waiting for the show to begin.
We all laughed, cried and experienced every moment of the show, feeling connected to each person in the audience. At the end of the show, the applause was long and warm. Many of the audience came to share with us how the show touched their hearts and reminded them of the importance of traditions and the preservation of cultural identity.
Performing in Șona was more than just a performance; it was a celebration of life and cultural heritage, an experience that enriched our souls and broadened our artistic horizons.

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