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Viscri, we’re here!

What a great joy to be in Viscri today, 17 October 2023!
What an unforgettable experience! Surrounded by green hills and traditional Saxon houses, Viscri is a place where time seems to stand still, providing the perfect setting for a theatre performance deeply rooted in history and tradition.
When evening fell, we were all moved. Village residents and visitors gathered in the courtyard of the fortified church. We talked about the children of Hamelin, the bonds of community and the importance of preserving culture. Every word spoken carried the weight of the village’s cultural heritage.
At the end, applause rang out into the quiet night, and the crowd stayed to discuss the performance, reflecting on the message conveyed. We felt honoured to contribute to keeping the spirit of Viscri alive through the art of theatre.
With the hope that we will see each other again soon, we greet and embrace the Viscri audience and set off to our next destination: Șona.

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