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Last stop: Richiș

Here we are in the last town of our tour: Richiș. We still can’t believe how quickly it all went by!
The last performance of our tour was a very special and emotional experience for us. It took place in a special and charming place, Richiș, a picturesque village in Transylvania. This performance was the last in a series of shows we have performed in various places in the region, but it had a special meaning for us, as it was time to say goodbye to this show before moving on to new projects.
Even before the show started, a sense of anticipation and nostalgia gripped us all. We dressed up in our costumes and made our final preparations before taking the stage. The atmosphere in Richiș was enchanting and the audience was waiting eagerly for the show to begin. We felt a special energy in the air, and every line, every movement, every emotion expressed was intense and meaningful to us.
The audience in Richiș was incredibly receptive and enthusiastic. They laughed, clapped and cheered us on every moment of the show. We felt that all our hard work was appreciated and that we were able to convey something special through our art. We were overwhelmed by their words of appreciation (we chatted after the show again!) and the emotions they shared with us.
It was a memorable performance that taught us once again how powerful art can be in the community and how much it can bind people together.

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