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The Saxons of Biertan

Biertan, a picturesque village in Sibiu County, is famous for its Transylvanian Saxon community and their fortified church. The Saxons arrived in Transylvania in the 12th century, invited by Hungarian kings to defend the borders and develop the economy.

The fortified church of Biertan, built in the 15th-16th centuries, is impressive and part of the UNESCO heritage. With three defensive walls and an ingenious locking system, the church symbolizes the Saxons’ resilience and ingenuity.

The Saxons of Biertan were skilled craftsmen and diligent farmers. Their distinctive houses, with high gables, and rich traditions made Biertan a unique place. After World War II, many Saxons emigrated, but today, interest in their heritage has revived, attracting tourists and restorers.

Thus, the Saxons of Biertan continue to inspire and fascinate, keeping an essential part of Transylvania’s history alive.

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