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Rupea, we’re here!

Our travel diary continues: next destination – Rupea! More precisely, on July 18 we played our beloved show on the mobile stage, this time in a new destination.
The town of Rupea surprised us with its beauty and the warmth of the people who live there. We felt so welcome In front of us, the people of Rupea gathered to watch the story of the Saxons and the children of Hamelin. We sang, we danced and we conveyed emotion through every line.
After the show, we had a chance to chat with the locals. We learned stories about the history of the village, traditions and everyday life. It was a wonderful experience to see how warmly people received our show.
With hearts full of joy and beautiful memories, we left Rupea. The “Legend of the Children of Hamelin” show continues to travel around the country, bringing the story of the Saxons and children to our villages and towns.

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