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Welcome, Mediaș!

We arrived in Mediaș, a town with a rich history and a diverse community, to perform the show “The Legend of Hamelin, a possible history of the Saxons”. It was an exciting and exciting experience.
We arrived in Mediaș with our team of actors and technicians. The mobile stage, which transforms into an open-air theatre, was set up in a central location in the city. Seats for the audience were prepared and the wait was full of anticipation. The audience was warmly and enthusiastically received, and the evening air vibrated with anticipation.
Throughout the performance we had fun together, laughed, got excited and connected with each other – actors and audience. These moments are what energize us again and again and make us feel confident in what we do!
The finale was met with thunderous applause and the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. This theatre experience in Mediaș was not only an artistic performance, but also a personal journey for everyone, which left a lasting imprint on our souls.

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