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The Legend of the children of Hamelin: Their mysterious disappearance

In the heart of Germany, there is a picturesque town called Hamelin, made famous by a legend that has stood the test of time. “The Legend of Hamelin” is one of the most enigmatic tales of medieval Europe, combining elements of fact and fiction and has remained a subject of interest and debate among historians and storytellers for centuries.

According to the legend, in the year 1284, Hamelin was struck by an invasion of rats. The town was under siege and the inhabitants were desperate. A foreign flutist, renowned for his musical skills, arrived in the town and offered to help the people get rid themselves of the rats in exchange for a generous reward.

After successfully ridding the town of rats, the piper came to claim the reward promised by the local authorities. However, the town’s management changed its mind and only offered him a small amount of money. The next day, all the town’s children mysteriously disappeared. According to legend, the piper seduced them with his music and lured them away from the town.

Some historians believe that the story refers to the mass emigration of Hamelin’s population in 1212, when the locals left with their children for Eastern Europe, including Transylvania. So the flutist was not a single person, but represented the authorities’ call for the relocation of the citizens. They would be the first Saxons to arrive in Transylvania.

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