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The Saxons of Cristian

The Cristian Saxons are an ethnic German community living in a village near Brasov in the Transylvania region of Romania. They are descendants of Saxon settlers who came to the area around the 12th century to colonise the region at the request of the Hungarian king.

The Saxons of Cristian have a rich history and a strong cultural tradition, which is reflected in their distinctive architecture, traditional gastronomy and local customs and festivals. Over the centuries, they have contributed significantly to the economic and cultural development of the region and have largely preserved their German language and traditions.
Today, the Saxon community in Cristian is quite small, but tries to preserve its cultural identity and traditions despite the changes and challenges of modern society. Many Saxons in Cristian have moved to other countries or cities in Romania, and this has led to a decrease in their numbers in the village. However, there are efforts to revitalise and promote Saxon culture in Cristian, including the restoration and preservation of local buildings and traditions.

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